Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods :: Healthy :: Whole Grain

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods :: Healthy :: Whole Grain. Quite possibly the World’s. Greatest. Pizza. Crust. Prolly ever. Ever. Made even better by using flaxseed meal in place of eggs. For realz. I mean I am totally stuffed right now, but just talking about it has made me hungry all over again. I will be posting my White Pizza recipe later tonight. Right now it is time for the Opening Ceremonies!



Apparently the THREE other blogs I have aren’t enough…

Y’all, I think having these three chirrens has made me lose what is left of my mind. For realz. I’ve kinda been toying with the idea of starting a new blog about my gfree experiences, mainly becaue some of my Facebook peeps might be getting annoyed with my postings about new recipes, white rice flour, and the like. Not that I give a rat’s. You don’t like it, unfriend me. This ain’t high school, honey…

I just ultimately felt this would be a better forum. So here goes. I promise to post the whole story of discovering that we were going to be gfree from here on out, cool recipes I find, etc. Whether they work for me or not. Pinterest-y things that might interest you. Or not. Whatevs.

Follow along if you like. I don’t mind.